Wires, Electric Wiring Materials and Cable Protection

Automotive Spec Wires DIN 72551

  • automotive spec wires to DIN 72551 / ISO 6722 (FLRY)
  • temperature range: -40..105°C
  • cross sections: 0.22mm²   0.35mm²   0.75mm²   1.5mm²
                        2.5mm²   6.0mm²   10.0mm²
  • wire colours: IEC standard colours (red, blue, yellow, white etc.) and,
                      depending on size, ca. thirty more dual-colour combinations
  • operating voltage / electric strength: 60V / 6kV
  • applications: automobile technology and motorsports

PTFE / Teflon Wires 5Y / 5YR

  • silver-plated PTFE wires to DIN 57881 / MIL W16878
  • operation temperature: -100..200/260°C
  • non-flammable, high persitancy against all automotive fluids
  • cross sections: AWG 26 (0.14mm²)   AWG 24 (0.22mm²)
                        AWG 22 (0.35mm²)   AWG 20 (0.56mm²)   AWG 16 (1.3mm²)
  • wire colours: IEC standard colours (red, blue, yellow, white etc.)
  • 5YR with reduced insulation wall thickness, ca. 20% reduced weight to 5Y
  • operating voltage / electric strength: 600V / 2kV (5YR: 160V / 1.5kV)
  • applications: aerospace, special vehicles, motorsports

Special Wires

  • spiral cable / curly cords for steering wheels and operation pads
  • thinny 1 / 2 / 3 wire PTFE Polyimid screened cables from Raychem
  • SAB thermo couple wire
  • low-noise / heavy duty sensor and audio wires
  • high flexible silicon wires for laboratories and test beds

Jacketing Materials and Loom Protection

  • heat shrink with MIL / CSA / UL approval (-55..125°C)
    in misc. colours and sizes
  • Tyco Raychem heat shrink DR25 (-75..150°C)
  • wear resistant meshed hose Raychem Periflex
  • heat shrinkable moulding parts
    from Raychem, Hellermann-Tyton et al.
  • spiral hoses, silicon protective tubes and heat protection