Connectors, Electric Plugs and Jacks

Autosport Connectors from Deutsch and Souriau

The connectors of the Deutsch and Souriau Autosport series are the most used parts in professional motorsports. They stand out by compactness and low weight going along high temperature resilience and electric load capacity. Due to their excellent properties these connectors more and more also get used in amateur racing and with restoration of classic race and sports cars.

  • circular Autosport connectors with 1 - 128 terminals
  • two pairings, each with six single unmistakable colour codings
  • AS / 8STA series of both manufacturers are fully mating compatible
  • contact sizes:   AWG22 (5A) / AWG20 (7.5A) / AWG16 (20A)
  • ASL:   5 pole miniature connector with AWG23 contacts (3A)
  • ASU:   3 and 5 pole sub-miniature connector (AWG22/24, 5A / 3A)
  • ASX:   3 / 5 and 6 pole sub-miniature connector (AWG22/24, 5A / 3A)

Normally, Aamgard Engineering delivers standard coded connectors in single quantities from own stock or within few working days from manucaturer inventory. We would be pleased to help with further advise in pairing and systematics, processing and tooling of Autosport connectors.

MIL Connectors

Due to their military origin, multipolar circular connectors with bayonet coulpling and greenish anodized aluminium housing are usually called MIL connectors. But from beginning, they have been used also in civil naval and aerospace applications and in motorsports of the seventies and eighties. Since end of the nineties, in modern race cars they have been mainly replaced by the lighter and better performing Autosport connectors.

  • multiple interconnectable types from Amphenol, ITT-Cannon, Souriau et al.
  • number of terminals: 2 - 60+

Due to the overwhelming count of manufacturers and variants, we only have a few MIL connectors in stock. But e.g. for classic Cosworth engines, the most common connectors can be purchased at our distributors at reasonable lead times.

Deutsch Industrial Connectors     DT / DTP / DTM

Due to their robustness, DT, DTP and DTM connectors from TE-Deutsch are mainly used in special vehicles and construction machinery. The DTM series offer a good electric quality, depending of the exact terminal type a heigh contact durability, compact dimensions and a good temperature and chemicals stability. DTM connectors are easy to assemble and very popular in motorsports, being an inexpensive alternative to ASL Autosport connectors.

  • DT:   standard connector at construction machinery
  • DTP:   connector with high ampacity
  • DTM:   pole counts 2 - 12, roll crimp contacts or machined contacts

We frequently use DTM connectors, so usually small quantities are available from stock or higher numbers at short notice via our suppliers.

Tyco Superseal

The striking Superseal connectors are mainly used by us, where a high mechanical quality at low prices is required. The connectors contain standard roll crimp contacts, the amperage of a single terminal is up to 14 Ampere.

  • AE part number: SS
  • number of terminals: 1 - 6
  • applications: industries, automotive technology and special vehicles

Superseal connectors are usually available off the shelf.

Lemo Sensor Connectors

  • AE part number: LEM001
  • manufacturer code: series 306
  • number of terminals: 6
  • applications: instrumentation, sensor connectors, industries, aerospace

Thermocouple Connector / Compensation Connector

Due to its physical functional principle, a thermocouple should not been connected with ''normal'' contacts, but only via thermal contact materials matching the particular element. For the most used type-K thermocouples these are so-called Alumel resp. Chromel contacts. The suitable connectors are colour-coded (IEC / DIN-EN 584 green) and terminals (+/-) must not be interchanged.

  • AE part number: TCKS / TCKP
  • number of terminals: 2-polig
  • colour code: IEC / DIN green (type-K)
  • applications: connecting of thermocouples, exhaust gas sensors etc.

More info about thermocouples and contact materials could be found in our 'Aamgard Manual Temperature Sensors'

Bosch Compact Connector

  • AE part number: BOS001, BOS002, BOS101 u.a.
  • manufacturer codes: Typ I, II, V et al.
  • number of terminals: 2 - 6
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm or BDK 2.8mm
  • applications: Bosch automotive modules and small control units

ECU connector for Bosch MS3 / MS4

  • AE part number: BOS-901 / BOS902
  • number of terminals: 40 and 81
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm or special Bosch contacts
  • applications: Bosch Motorsport MS3 / MS4 ECU connector

Molex Connectors for Motec ECUs and Modules

Aamgard Engineering delivers nearly the full Motec product range incl. accessories and the required connectors. Some most usual parts are in stock, others could be supplied at short notice. Simply call your Motec module or ECU, we tag the belonging connector and do quote them to you.

Tyco Jetronic Connector

  • AE part number: JPT001
  • number of terminals: 2-4
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm
  • applications: injectors, automotive sensoren, small electronic units

Multipolar Tyco JPT Connector

  • AE part number: JPT002
  • number of terminals: 4 / 6 / 10 / 16
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm
  • applications: misc. electronic modules

Aptiv / Delphi Connector for JPT Contacts

  • AE part number: JPT101
  • number of terminals: 2 / 3
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm
  • applications: throttle potentiometers, crank sensors et al.

Kostal Connector for JPT Contacts

  • AE part number: JPT201
  • number of terminals: 2
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm
  • applications: injector valves, misc. automotive sensors

Aptiv / Delphi Metripack Pressure Sensor Connector

  • AE part number: MTP1520
  • terminals: Metripack 150.2 (pull-to-seat)
  • number of terminals: 3
  • applications: pressure sensor connector, industries and automotive

Delphi Connector for Teves ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

  • AE part number: MTP1500
  • terminals: Metripack 150 (push-to-seat)
  • number of terminals: 2
  • applications: automotive / ABS wheel speed sensor

H11 Connector for Automobile Halogen Lamps

  • AE part number: MTP2800
  • terminals: Metripack 280 (push-to-seat)
  • number of terminals: 2
  • applications: H11 head lights connector

FEP connector for JPT contacts (VW / Audi / BMW)

  • AE part number: FEP001, FEP002 u.a.
  • manufacturer codes: Typ I, Typ VIII u.a.
  • terminals: JPT 2.8mm
  • number of terminals: 2 - 8
  • applications: multi-purpose automotive connector

FEP Connector for MTII Contacts (VW / Audi / BMW)

  • AE part number: FEP201, FEP202 u.a.
  • manufacturer codes: Typ I, Typ VIII et al.
  • terminals: Micro-Timer / MTII 1.5mm
  • number of terminals: 2 - 8
  • applications: universal automotive connector for sensors etc.

Industrial Circular Connector Tyco CPC

  • AE part number: CPC
  • number of terminals: 4, 9, 14, 16, 19, 37
  • codings: standard / reverse
  • applications: industrial control and power supply systems

Faston- / Fastin connector

  • AE part number: FON
  • terminals: 6.3mm
  • number of terminals: 1 - 10
  • applications: toolbuilding and vehicle interior

Battery Connector/ Jump Start Connector

  • AE part number: BC001
  • number of terminals: 2
  • codings / housing colours: red, blue, grey, green, yellow
  • amperages: 50A / 175A
  • manufacturers: Anderson / Camden

Lumberg 3/4 Pole Headset Jack / Radio Jack

  • AE part number: LUM-KK3 / LUM-KK4
  • number of terminals: 3 resp. 4
  • Größe: 3.5mm
  • applications: phone jack for radio / helmet headsets etc.