Classic Lamps with LED Technology

Lucas 542 Replica with LEDs / Cobra Rear Lamp     PL04

Motorsport replica of the classic Lucas 542 tail light, retrofit with modern LED technology. For Cobra, Super-7, Jensen et al. The lamp contains separate brake light, indicator and tail light functions. The indicator light optionally could be either red (US standard / clubsport) or yellow-amber (European standard).

  • PL04-R:   red blinker LED
  • PL04-Y:   yellow blinker LED
  • housing / IP class:   replica Lucas 542 / IP65
  • dimensions:   130 x 75 x 25 mm
  • weight:   ca. 140 g
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

Classic Round Lamp with LEDs     PL05

The PL05 lamps are used at many Lotus Super-7 replicas and kit-cars, Caterham, Cobra, Austin et al., as well as a rainlight of classic Formula 3, Formula Junior, Formula V, Formula Ford etc. Typical applications are blinker, brake lights and taillights or reverse lights. In historic motorsports, especially the blue and green versions are used for vehicle identification at night races.

  • lense colours:   red, yellow, frosted-transparent / opal
  • light colours:   red and yellow, with opal lense also white, blue, green
  • high / low power variants for brake light, blinker, taillight etc.
  • housing / IP class:   ECE-E12 / IP65
  • main dimension:   Ø 70 mm
  • weight:   ca. 70 g
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

Tractor and Sports Car Rear Lamp with LEDs     PL06

This lamp can be found at older tractors, caravans, car trailers etc. Since it is simple to mount and very cost efficient, this 'tractor rear lamp' also has been used in many Le Mans sports prototypes of the 70th and 80th, like some Sauber, Tiga, Chevron and others. It has three single fields for red tail light, yellow indicator and extra bright brake light.

  • power saving and extra bright LED technology
  • housing / IP class:   ECE-E12 / IP65
  • dimensions:   ca. 160 x 60 x 50 mm
  • weight:   ca. 170 g
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering