Sensors for Rotational Speed and Wheel Speed

active inductive speed sensor

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Active Inductive Speed Sensor     NXX

Applications: wheel speed sensor, camshaft sensor, general speed and
pulse measurements.

  • clearance / trigger gap::   up to 10 mm.
  • output:   LowSide switch 8 ... 18 V and additional indicator LED
  • manufacturer:   NN

automotive speed sensor

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Automotive Speed Sensor     HXX

Applications: crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, wheel speed
measurement, etc.

  • measurement frequency: 25,000 Hz (150,000 rpm).
  • output: sinusoidal
  • manufacturer: Honeywell

Speed and Temp. Measuring System for Turbochargers     KTST

Applications: Test bench measurements on turbocharged engines and
road test applications.

  • range: 400,000 rpm / 300°C
  • output: 0 ... 10 V voltage output and pulse signal output.
  • manufacturer:   KA Sensors