Measurement of Force, Load and Torque

gear shift force sensor / ignition cut sensor

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Gear Shift Force Sensor for Shift Linkage Mounting     GSS

Compact push and pull force sensor. Well-suited for use as a shift force sensor, ignition cut sensor (FlatShift / PaddleShift) and for general measurements up to 100 daN (corresponding to 100 kg load). The standard design has two M6 male threads, right-hand thread on one side and left-hand thread on the other. Further thread options, extended flange bolts, internal threads, etc. can be produced on request.

  • ranges:   ± 250 N,   ± 500 N   and   ± 1000 N
  • output:   linear 0.5 .. 4.5 V
  • accuracy:   1 %
  • weight:   depending on the thread option 30 .. 40 g
  • thread:   M6, M8, other designs on request
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors

For use with ECUs and ignition breakers that do not have an analog input for shift force sensors, we can offer the programmable signal converter SU10-GSS.

GST gear shift sensor

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Gear Shift Lever with Integrated Load Sensor     GST

Force sensor to be integrated inside a gear knob / lever as an ignition cut sensor (FlatShift / PaddleShift). The sensor is available with different types of gear knobs. Further we can provide some 2D measuring knobs to detect the gear engagement force (in x-direction) and shifting gate alternating force (transverse force in y-direction) simultaneously.

  • ranges:   ±150 N,   ±250 N   and   ±500 N
  • output:   linear 0.5 .. 4.5 V
  • accuracy:   0.5 %
  • weight:   ca. 105 g plus gear knob
  • manufacturer:   KA-Sensors

As for the switching force sensor GSS, we can offer the programmable A/D converter SU10-GSS for the GST for use with ECUs without an analog gear shift sensor input.

Suspension Load Cell Assemblies     KF PR

For real-time measurement of chassis forces and dynamic wheel loads, etc.: KA Sensors equips your suspension joints and pushrods / pullrods with highly stressable force sensors.

  • integrated measuring amplifier, signal output 0.5 .. 4.5 V
  • linear signal outputs and very good measuring accuracy
  • Retrofitting your existing chassis components
  • standardized push rod / pull rod struts
  • complete component production according to your drawing and specification
  • for road or racing vehicles, as well as in special vehicle construction

general purpose load cell

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General Purpose Load Cell     DSCC

Universal measuring cells for static and dynamic force measurement in racing and special vehicles, for industrial plants, safety engineering and on test benches.

  • ranges:   5 kN .. 1000 kN
  • integrated or external measuring amplifier
  • output:   linear 0.5 .. 4.5 V   oder   ratiometric 2 mV/V
  • manufacturer:   NN / KA-Sensors

Dynamic Pedal Force Load Cell     KF DPLC

Very thin force measurement cell for use as a pedal force and other measurements, which require dynamic force measurements within a low hight.

  • for racing vehicles and in series vehicle testing
  • main dimensions:   60 x 60 x 10 mm
  • Signal output linear 0.5 .. 4.5 V
  • very low hysteresis and high measurement accuracy
  • Manufacturer:   NN / KA sensors

Steering Thrust / Torque Measurement     KF STW

Measurement of dynamic steering wheel forces and steering torques: KA Sensors equips your steering shaft with ultra-compact force sensors and integrated measuring amplifier.

  • linear signal outputs 0.5 .. 4.5 V or 2 mV / V
  • very good accuracy
  • individual assemblies on customers own steering columns
  • for racing cars and special vehicles
  • equipment of standard steering wheel shafts for road tests
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors

Dynamic Drive Shaft Torque Measuring System     KF DST

The KF DST is a 2.4 GHz radio system for dynamic measurement of the torque on rotating drive shafts in motorsport, shipping or special vehicle construction.

  • high measurement accuracy and dynamics
  • linear signal output on the receiver side 0.5 .. 4.5 V or CAN interface
  • Torque measuring ranges up to 10,000 Nm
  • high overload resistance
  • individual adaptation to existing drive shafts / half shafts
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors