Sensors and Accessories

Since 2010 we offer quality sensors for pressure and temperature, load, acceleration and miscellaneous other physical values. With the Brexit, the import situation of components from England has become very difficult. So, 2021 we decided to replace several sensors by own in-house developed parts. In the beginning of 2022 we were able to release the first products: Encapsulated precision temperature sensors and fast response air temperature sensors. Further in-house engineering and co-operation with diversified European manufacturers will secure future prospective to continue delivering first class sensor solutions - if ''from the shelf'' or as individual makes for your bespoken application.

Sensors for Motorsports, Universities, Aerospace and Industries

NTC and PTC temperature sensors

Temperature Sensors and Thermocouples

  • NTC, PTC and PT1000 temperature sensors
  • thermocouples / exhaust gas temperature sensors
  • infrared sensors / thermopiles
  • sensing of clutches and brake discs
  • tyre temperature measurement

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pressure sensors

Pressure Sensors

  • pressure sensors for fuel, engine oil, coolants
  • brake pressure sensors
  • MAP sensors / barometric air pressure sensors
  • differential pressure sensor / pitot tubes
  • combined sensors for pressure + temperature

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sensors for speed and RpM

Sensors for Rotational Speed and Wheel Speed

  • reluctance, hall and inductive speed sensors
  • sensors for crankshaft, camshaft + wheel speed
  • measurement system for turbo chargers
  • optical probes

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gear shift force sensor / ignition cut sensor

Measurement of Force, Load and Torque

  • general purpose load cell
  • gear shift and ignition cut sensors
  • dynamic measurement of suspension forces
  • measurement of steering torque / steering thrust
  • drive shaft torque measuring system

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linear potentiometer / suspension potis

Distance, Displacement and Angle Sensors

  • distance, displacement and angle sensors
  • suspension and damper potentiometer
  • laser ride height sensors
  • linear potentiometer, angle und wire potis
  • steering angle and throttle position sensors

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acceleration sensors / G-force sensors and gyrometer

Accelerometer and Gyrometer

  • acceleration sensors / accelerometer
  • angular speed sensors / gyrometer
  • 1D/2D/3D
  • car dynamics measurement + track mapping
  • vibration analysis

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special sensors

Special Sensors and Measurement Systems

  • dynamic drive shaft torque measurement
  • steering torque measurement
  • speed and temperature measurement system for turbo chargers
  • infrared sensors for thermal analysis and tyre temperature monitoring
  • metall detecting for oil analysis and wear measurement

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