Sensors and Accessories

If in industries or motorsports, if aerospace, testbeds or construction machinery: Reliable sensing elements are the basis for all electronic control systems. Since 2010 we offer sensors for miscellaneous physical values: Temperature and pressure, distance, force, acceleration and many more. Our basic demands at sensing components are accuracy, long-term stability and high mechanic quality. Our cooperation with different manufacturers and suppliers secure always to have first class sensor solutions - if ''from stock'' or as bespoken make for your individual application.

Sensors for Motorsports, Universities, Aerospace and Industries

NTC and PTC temperature sensors

Temperature Sensors and Thermocouples

  • NTC, PTC and PT1000 temperature sensors
  • infrared sensors / thermopiles
  • thermocouples / exhaust gas temperatur sensors
  • sensing of clutches and brake discs
  • tyre temperature measurement

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pressure sensors

Pressure Sensors

  • pressure sensors for fuel, engine oil, coolants
  • brake pressure sensors
  • MAP sensors / barometric air pressure sensors
  • differential pressure sensor / pitot tubes
  • combined sensors for pressure + temperature

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sensors for speed and RpM

Sensors for Rotational Speed and Wheel Speed

  • reluctance, hall and inductive speed sensors
  • sensors for crankshaft, camshaft + wheel speed
  • measurement system for turbo chargers
  • optical probes

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gear shift force sensor / ignition cut sensor

Measurement of Force, Load and Torque

  • general purpose load cell
  • gear shift and ignition cut sensors
  • dynamic measurement of suspension forces
  • measurement of steering torque / steering thrust
  • drive shaft torque measuring system

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linear potentiometer / suspension potis

Distance, Displacement and Angle Sensors

  • distance, displacement and angle sensors
  • suspension and damper potentiometer
  • laser ride height sensors
  • linear potentiometer, angle und wire potis
  • steering angle and throttle position sensors

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acceleration sensors / G-force sensors and gyrometer

Accelerometer and Gyrometer

  • acceleration sensors / accelerometer
  • angular speed sensors / gyrometer
  • 1D/2D/3D
  • car dynamics measurement + track mapping
  • vibration analysis

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special sensors

Special Sensors and Measurement Systems

  • dynamic drive shaft torque measurement
  • steering torque measurement
  • speed and temperature measurement system for turbo chargers
  • infrared sensors for thermal analysis and tyre temperature monitoring
  • metall detecting for oil analysis and wear measurement

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