Special Sensors and Measurement Systems

oil contamination sensor / metal detector

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Oil Contamination Sensor / Metal Detector     KOCS

The KOCS from KA-Sensors combines an oil temperature sensor with a metal sensor for detecting of ferromagnetic residues in engine and transmission oils. With the contamination sensor engine, gearbox, oil pump, etc., and to detect possible defects in cylinder liners. defects in cylinder liners, gear wheels, etc. before they lead to damage.

  • Mounting thread:   M10 or UNF 3/8".
  • Temperature sensor:   NTC or PT1000 up to 150/200°C.
  • Detector output signal:   linear 0.5 ... 4.5 V
  • supply voltage:   5 ... 15 V   or 11 ... 30 V
  • manufacturer:   KA-Sensors

laser distance sensor, ride height sensor

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Laser Distance Sensor, Ride Height Sensor     RHL3

Laser sensor for non-contact distance and deflection measurement. Typical applications are the measurement of vehicle height and ground clearance while driving, as well as the dynamic measurement of chassis and aerodynamic components bending.

  • range:   60 .. 260 mm / 200 .. 700 mm
  • resolution:   0.1mm / 0.6mm
  • accuracy:   0.2% / 0.5%
  • output signal:   linear 1 .. 5 V
  • supply voltage:   5 .. 15 V   or 11 .. 30 V
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors

Speed and Temp. Measuring System for Turbochargers     KTST

Applications: Test bench measurements on turbocharged engines and
road test applications.

  • range: 400,000 rpm / 300°C
  • output: 0 ... 10 V voltage output and pulse signal output.
  • manufacturer:   KA Sensors

Suspension Load Cell Assemblies     KF PR

For real-time measurement of chassis forces and dynamic wheel loads, etc.: KA Sensors equips your suspension joints and pushrods / pullrods with highly stressable force sensors.

  • integrated measuring amplifier, signal output 0.5 .. 4.5 V
  • linear signal outputs and very good measuring accuracy
  • Retrofitting your existing chassis components
  • standardized push rod / pull rod struts
  • complete component production according to your drawing and specification
  • for road or racing vehicles, as well as in special vehicle construction

Steering Thrust / Torque Measurement     KF STW

Measurement of dynamic steering wheel forces and steering torques: KA Sensors equips your steering shaft with ultra-compact force sensors and integrated measuring amplifier.

  • linear signal outputs 0.5 .. 4.5 V or 2 mV / V
  • very good accuracy
  • individual assemblies on customers own steering columns
  • for racing cars and special vehicles
  • equipment of standard steering wheel shafts for road tests
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors

Dynamic Drive Shaft Torque Measuring System     KF DST

The KF DST is a 2.4 GHz radio system for dynamic measurement of the torque on rotating drive shafts in motorsport, shipping or special vehicle construction.

  • high measurement accuracy and dynamics
  • linear signal output on the receiver side 0.5 .. 4.5 V or CAN interface
  • Torque measuring ranges up to 10,000 Nm
  • high overload resistance
  • individual adaptation to existing drive shafts / half shafts
  • manufacturer:   KA sensors

Pitot Tube / Ram Pressure Tube     KP PITOT

Measurement systems contraining a Pitot tube (Prandtl tube) and a differential pressure sensor are usually used for ram air sensing to determine vehicle speed over ground (''real vehicle velocity'').

  • material:   stainless steel
  • main dimensions:   L-shape 90°   100 x 150 mm / 300 mm
  • pressure ports:   barbed hose connectors Ø 4 mm
  • manufacturer:   KA Sensors