XTCK     Thermocouple / Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

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𝌆   manual XTCK

𝌆   manual temperature sensors

Picture Gallery

K-type / NiCr-NiAl thermocouple with miniature connector
K-type / NiCr-NiAl thermocouple XTCK with miniature connector DIN-ISO green

Aamgard exhaust gas temperature sensor Ø3mm x 150mm
XTCK exhaust gas temperature sensor in several lengths and diameter. Here: Ø 3mm x 100mm

exhaust gas thermocouple with gland nut
Exhaust gas thermocouple Aamgard-XTCK with gland nut M10

dimension drawing thermocouple gland nut
Gland nut compression fitting M10 for thermocouples Ø 1.5mm / Ø 3.0mm / Ø 6.0mm