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Welcome to our blog. Here we report with loose schedule about our work, racing events and exhibitions or simply from our world of motorports and technics. You have questions or ideas? Simply write an e-mail.

Welcome at the Aamgard Blog

Le-Mans-Hypercar Aston-Martin

Aamgard Blog 2023

Long wires and short roads, rock solid wiring looms for manufacturing industries and motorsports, quality tools and a little sad moment is what you find in our

  'Blog 2023'

Lola T70 Spyder

Aamgard Blog 2022

Hot sensors and wiring looms that stay cool even at 180°C, spaghetti without any taste and a wonderful day out at the race track. This you find in the

  'Blog 2022'

Nismo Nissan GT-R

Aamgard Blog 2021

A snappish snake and very intriguing connector variants, electric harnesses in the desert and a phantastic view on Mount Fuji in Japan: These are some topics of the

  'Blog 2021'

Motec Dashlogger im Porsche GT2

Aamgard Blog 2020

Always in focus with displays from Motec, new electrics from Aamgard Engineeering for a Kremer Porsche, a buoyant beetle and our first steps into 3D printing. Surf by and join:

  'Blog 2020'

Toyota GT86

Aamgard Blog 2019

Showtime at the beginning of the year in Birmingham and at the outgoing year in Cologne. Additional: The most successful race engine of all times and insights at the Stuttgart DHBW university. This is the way to our

  'Blog 2019'

X-Raid endurace rally 2018

Aamgard Blog 2018

Enlighting at the Rally Dakar, a Le Mans classic, a classic of the Formula 1, the Formula Student in Hockenheim and at least one classic dream car - this you can find in our

  'Blog 2018'