Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Units

Since 2010, Aamgard Engineering has been developing and distributing special control units, measuring systems and application-specific electronic smart modules for racing cars, test beds and industrial applications. Since 2013, we offer engine control units, displays and data loggers of the Australian manufacturer Motec. By now, we can provide a wide range of electronic modules, systems and individual solutions for test bed and laboratory work, as well as for use in special vehicles, racing cars and sports boats.

Products and Engineering:   Electronic Modules, Control Units, Data Logger and Displays

 electronic head light flasher module

Electronic Modules and Special Application Units

  • high beam flasher / TipFlash modules
  • analog and digital map switches
  • voltage transformers, smart units, switching and auxiliary modules
  • electronic relays and blinker relays / solid state relays
  • Motec GPS receiver and SLM shift light

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Motec engine control unit by Aamgard Engineering

Electronic Control Units and Power Distribution Modules

  • Motec engine control units
  • electronic relay boxes
  • power distribution modules, PCUs/PDMs
  • single point power controler
  • electronic fuse modules

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Aamgard analog-to-digital threshold switch

Instrumentation, Data Logger and DAQ Modules

  • signal converters, sensor boxes, converter modules
  • Motec data loggers and DAQ modules
  • USB and CAN bus data acquisition
  • specialised systems for ground clearance, drive shaft torque, etc.
  • instrumentation amplifiers and auxiliary modules

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Motec dashlogger C185

Displays, Dashlogger and Signal Modules

  • Motec dash loggers
  • programmable motorsport displays
  • display modules for dashboards and test beds
  • graphic panelmeters

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PCB layout for an Aamgard power control unit

Contract Engineering of Electronics and Software

  • development of electronic instrumentation and control modules
  • construction of prototypes, one-offs or small batches
  • PCB design, engineering of electronic devices and test bed equipment
  • embedded software / µC software
  • configuration and setup of DAQ and instrumentation systems

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