Electronic Modules, Instrumentation and Control Units

Since 2010, Aamgard Engineering has been developing and distributing special control units, measuring systems and application-specific electronic smart modules for racing cars, test beds and industrial applications. Since 2013, we offer engine control units, displays and data loggers of the Australian manufacturer Motec. By now, we can provide a wide range of electronic modules, systems and individual solutions for test bed and laboratory work, as well as for use in special vehicles, racing cars and sports boats.

Electronic Modules, ECUs and PDMs, Data Logger, Dashlogger and Displays

signal converter analog / digital from Aamgard Engineering

Electronic Modules and Smart Units

  • TipFlash / high beam flasher module
  • electronic relays and blinker relays / blinker modules
  • signal converter, voltage regulators, switch and support modules
  • Motec GPS receiver, lambda and USB-to-CAN module
  • analog and digital map switches / rotary coding switches

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Motec dashlogger C185

Dashlogger, Displays and Display Modules

  • Motec dashlogger
  • programmable racecar displays
  • sequential shift light
  • display modules for dashboards and test beds

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Motec M880 engine control unit

Control Units and Power Distribution Modules

  • Motec engine control units / ECUs
  • Motec PDMs
  • electronic relay boxes
  • power control units from Aamgard Engineering

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Motec ACL data logger

DAQ Modules, Data Logger and Sensor Expander

  • data logger from Motec
  • CAN bus sensor expander, Motec SVIM / VIM boxes
  • realtime DAQ modules

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Contract Engineering of PCBs, Electronic Modules and Embedded Software

Aamgard Engineering provides full and semi custom engineering for motorsports, industries and universities. We develop and build application specific electronic modules, control units, instrumentation and embedded software - from prototype to small volume production with reasonable lead times. We are the service provider even pleased to do the small jobs, for which the big players in automotive and electronics feel to important to deal with.

  • circuit and PCB design
  • mechanic construction and 3D printing
  • embedded software based on Atmel / AVR µC
  • prototypes, one-off parts and small batches
  • non-bureaucratic hands-on philosophy
  • independent of automotive industries and OEMs
lab desk, development of an electronic module

You want your idea to become a device ready to use? We are looking forward to get your request.

Configuration and Setup of DAQ Systems

For our own control and instrumentation units as well as for the reselled Motec systems, we provide configuration and setup services. Additional we offer training courses and individual support at the race track, at test drives or test bed operation.

Motec display C125 and USB flash drive software engineering