Connectors, Switches, Electric Components and Sensors

From our shop floor materials we sell components and materials in small amounts or supply connectors, switches or relays in your required quantity. Due to good relationship to manufacturers and distributors especially Autosport connectors from Deutsch and Souriau mostly can be purchased in small or single counts without low quantity surcharges. Many parts are available from stock or with short lead time. For higher quantities we would be pleased to ask our suppliers for special conditions.

On the following pages you can find a selction of components and materials frequently used at our workshop. Some times we have to buy special parts for our projects in minimum order quantities, so we also can supply stuff that is not so common and not listet here. Feel free to ask about what you need. We will try to help you as much as we can.

Electric Components, Materials, Sensors and Accessories

Autosport connectors from Deutsch and Souriau

Connectors, Electric Plugs and Jacks

  • Autosport, MIL and aerospace connectors
  • connectors from Deutsch, Souriau, Lemo, Amphenol, ITT-Cannon
  • automotive connectors from Tyco, Bosch, FEP, Kostal, Delphi-Aptiv et al.
  • connectors for industries, instrumentation and stage technology

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starter switches, coloured push buttons and safety caps for toggle switches

Switches and Buttons

  • toggle switches and coloured push buttons
  • illuminated starte switch
  • battery cut-off switch
  • trigger switches for fire extinguishers or el.-mag. circuit breakers

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relays from NAIS, Rincon and Kissling

Relays and Battery Isolators

  • miniature relays for industries and motorsport applications
  • battery isolators / high current relays

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automotive fuses, circuit breaker, SMD, device and miniature fuses

Fuses and Circuit Breaker

  • ETA switch fuses with push-push operation
  • high current filament fuse elements

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automotive and Teflon wires, protective hoses and heat shrink materials

Wiring Materials, Spiral Cables and Cable Protection

  • automotive wires and Teflon aerospace spec wires
  • spiral cables for steering wheels
  • heatshrink, meshed tubing, spiral hose
  • reinforcement, shielding and heat protection
  • heat shrinc molded parts from Raychem and Hellermann-Tyton

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Aamgard motorsport temperature sensors

Sensors and Sensor Accessories

  • NTC, PTC and PT1000 temperature sensors
  • air temperature sensors with short reaction time
  • thermocouples / exhaust gas temperature sensors
  • infrarot sensors / thermopiles

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Construction and Building of Components with 3D Printing

CraftBot 3D printer

Since 2020 we produce adapters, mechanical support parts, mounting space samples and wiring boxes with our own 3D printer. Meanwhile, almost immediate availability of the printed components do make this machine nearly indispensable at time-critical projects.

  • printer: CraftBot 3 dual head printer
  • process method: FDM / FFF
  • max. component size: ca. 300 x 250 x 250 mm
  • materials: mainly PLA and GTP
  • standard resolution: Δx / Δy = 0.4mm, Δz = 0.2mm
  • production accuracy: ca. ±0.2mm
  • data base: IGES or STL

Our commonly used PLA has process properties as standard quality PLAs, but an increased temperature durability (ca. 80°C for low loaded components) and a higher mechanical strength and ductility. As all PLA materials filing or milling capabilities are limited. Painting properties are accepable.

Parts made from GTP have a temperature resistance up to 105°C. For this they require after printing a thermal post-processing. GTP parts are easier to work with than PLA. The printing process is similar to PLA, but the material is significantly more expensive.

You are looking for a small batch supplier of 3D printed parts? We would be pleased to inform about our capabilities in 3D rapid-prototyping and building of sample parts and functional models.