Lighting Technology, LED Lamps and Signal Displays

In 1999 we have build the first LED rainlight for own needs in Formua Ford. 2005 by company Porsche we got the mandate to develop several signal and motorsport rear lights for the RS Spyder LMP2 in the American Le Mans Series - the beginning of today's company Aamgard Engineering.

Meanwhile our lamps and lighing systems are used at the 24h of Le Mans, Spa or at the Nurburgring, as well as at the Rally Dakar and the Japanese Super GT Championship. From 2017 to its end in 2021 we have been the exclusive FIA rainlights supplier of the German DTM. Our involvement in lighting technology is completed by retrofitting of classic car lamps with modern LED systems, building of bespoken luminescent foils e.g. for start number plates or anti-glare interior illumination with UV / black light units.

FIA Rain Lights, LED Rear Lamps, Head Lights, Lighting Technology and Display Boards

FIA rain lights AX02 and AX03

FIA Rain Lights and LED Lamps, Classic and Modern

  • FIA rain lamps for the motorsport
  • LED combined lamps and racecar taillights
  • classic rear lights with LEDs for Cobra, Super-7 et al.
  • LED rain lights for historic Formula 3, Formula Ford etc

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head light module for racing sports cars

Motorsport Head Lights and Head Light Modules

  • motorsport head lights with LED technology or H4/H7/H11 light bulbs
  • auxiliary lamps for rally and endurance racing
  • pre-finished vehicle front modules including head lights, indicator etc.

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four-line self illuminated pit board with EL foil/ electroluminescence foil

Luminous Start Number Plates, Display and Signal Boards

  • start number illumination and electroluminescent start number plates
  • battery supplied self-luminous pit signal boards
  • signal displays, information boards and stop boards with LEDs
  • for motorsport and applications in road traffic, sports and industries

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ultrabright green Aamgard signal light

Interior Lighting and Misc. LED Signal Lights

  • classic and modern instrument lights for dashboards
  • vehicle interior lighting at night aces with UV / black light lamps
  • race position indicator lights and car identification lamps
  • LED signal lights and LED PCBs

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Design and Building of LED Lamps and Racecar Lighting Systems to Customer Requirement

Aamgard Engineering develop and build bespoken LED lamps and lighting modules for race cars, special vehicles and boat sports. For our customers we are planning the system integration of head light units, rear lamps, interior lighting etc. as well as the belonging control electronics, wiring and cabling.

We retrofit classic Le Mans Prototypes and racing touring cars of the seventies / eighties with modern lighting technology including bespoken LED lamps and signal lights and the appropriate electronics and electric harnesses.

On request, we build 3D printed models for installation space evaluation prior to the manufactured modules. We can deliver prototypes, one-off parts or small batches. If you intend volume production of parts for road cars, we support you by all technical means to achieve the necessary general vehicle approval.

You have an idea? We would be pleased to help and about your request.

lab table with Aamgard rear lamp module

3D CAD model LED of a rear lamp

electroluminescent start numbern foil and LED race position display race position indicator for the ALMS in colour blue Aamgard combined rear lamp to customer specifications combined LED rear lamp with tail light, indicator and brake light

Retrofitting of Classic Car Lamps with Modern LED Technology

Appearing as a historic rear lamp - acting with modern LED technology. For Cobra, Austin, Chevrolet, Ford and other classic racing cars, youngtimers and vintage cars we can retrofit existing lamps with LEDs and modern lighting electronics. Classic car public road approval mostly could be done by the car owner without problems. For serial production, we can supply qualification service and support the relevant administrational processes.

classic Le Mans Cobra