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AX02 FIA rain lights and LED rear lamps 200 x 30 mm Manual   Dimension Drawing
AX03 FIA rain lights and LED rear lamps 105 x 65 mm Manual   Dimension Drawing
AX04 multi-function LED lamp and motorsport signal lamp Manual
PL04 Lucas 542 replica with LEDs / Cobra rear lamp Manual
PL05 classic round lamps Ø 70 mm with LEDs Manual

Electronic Smart Modules

GPS-L10 Motec GPS receiver Manual   Data Sheet
LTC-L CAN bus lambda module for Bosch LSU 4.9 sensors Manual   Data Sheet
LTC-N CAN bus lambda module for LZA09 NGK sensors Manual   Data Sheet
MS12/MS16 analogue coded rotary switches / map switches Manual
MSX06 digital coded rotary switches / map switches Manual
SU07 electronic blink relay Manual
SU10-DWS programmable dual channel threshold switch Manual
SU10-GSS programmable gear cut module / gear shift detector Manual
SU21 blink switch module Manual
SU28 active blink switch for motorsport rain and fog lamps Manual
SU251 programmable TipFlash / high beam flasher module Manual   Sketch of Wiring Set
TCA Motec thermocouple amplifier Data Sheet   Connecting Scheme

Control Units

Motec M1 Motec engine control units M1 series Data Sheet
MX-ECUs engine control units of the Motec Goldbox series Summary   Manual
PDM NT PDMs / power control units of the Aamgard NT series Summary
PDM16/32 Motec power distibution modules Manual

DAQs and Datalogger

E816 Motec CAN bus sensor expander Manual
E888 Motec CAN bus expander / thermocouple expander Manual
L180 Motec Datalogger Data Sheet
SVIM Motec CAN bus sensorbox / DAQ module Flyer

Displays and Dashlogger

D175 Display 5" Data Sheet
C185 Dashlogger 5" Data Sheet   Manual
C187 Dashlogger 7" Data Sheet   Manual
C1812 Dashlogger 12" Data Sheet
LPPD graphic panelmeter / logging display Manual   Dimension Drawing
SLM Motec shift light module Data Sheet


ATRA fast response air temperature sensor Manual
ATRF precision temperature sensor Manual
ATRG surface temperature sensor / ring mount sensor Manual
XTCK thermocouple / exhaust gas temperature sensor Manual

Technical Essays and General Technical Documents

DHBW Insights - Accuracy at Data Acquirement (German language only) Technical Essay