Wiring Looms, Sensors, Lighting and Electronics

Aamgard Engineering develops, manufactures and sells wiring looms, sensors, lighting products and a broad range of electric and electronic modules, assemblies and system solutions. We work for motorsport customers and racing teams, conservators of classic racing cars, universities, scientific institutes, aerospace and general purpose industries. In consequence of our motorsport history, we are used to deliver first class services and quality products even at highest technical demands and tight schedules.

We offer qualified consulting and on-site service and build prototypes, one-off parts and volume series. Our customers appreciate our sophisticated solutions, the expert work­manship and our absolute commitment to deadlines.

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Our Subjects:   Electrics, Wiring Looms, Lighting Technology, Electronics and Sensors

Kremer Porsche 962 in Spa

Vehicle Electrics, Wiring Looms and Components

  • development and building of wiring looms and bespoken cablings
  • construction of dashboards, steering wheel plates, test bed control panels
  • custom specific breakout boxes, adaptor and instrumentation cables
  • connectors, switches, circuit breakers, relays, electric harness materials
  • prototypes, small batches and bespoken one-off parts
  • for racing cars, special vehicles, sport boats or test beds

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DTM Audi in Hockenheim with Aamgard rainlight

Lighting Technology, LED Lamps, Display Boards

  • FIA rain lights, LED rear lamps, motorsport headlights
  • retrofitting of classic rear lamps with LED technology
  • instrument lights and vehicle interior lighting
  • luminescent foils, lighting panels and luminous number plates
  • contract engineering of lamps, illumination systems and automotive lighting

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Motec M800 ECU inside a Le Mans Porsche 962

Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Units

  • electronic modules and special application units
  • displays, control units, datalogger and support modules from Motec
  • power distribution modules (PDMs/PCUs) and electronic relays
  • instrumentation, DAQs, sensor expander and signal converter
  • custom engineering of PCBs, electronic modules and software

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motorsport pressure sensor with Deutsch ASL connector

Sensors and Accessories

  • temperature and pressure sensors for fuels, brake fluids, engine oil etc.
  • IR measuring of brake discs, clutch an tyre temperature
  • ride height sensors, sensors for speed, acceleration or angular speed
  • linear potentiometer for suspensions, throttle position poti
  • gear shift sensors, sensors for steering thrust and suspension travel

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The Aamgard-Blog:   Projects, Products, Ideas and Impressions

Porsche 962 and TWR-Jaguar Motec PDM32 Porsche RS Spyder Motec dashlogger C187
FXX-K with Aamgard rear lamps DTM rainlight Rene Rast Audi motorsport wiring loom Cosworth race engine
bespoken carbon composite switch plate Formula Vauxhall-Lotus Lucas 452 Cobra replica lamp with LEDs Aston-Martin DTM
Autosport Show 2019 - EuroNascar programmable Aamgard TipFlash module / headlight flasher dashboard Tyrrell F1 from Aamgard Engineering wiring loom with Deutsch Autosport connector from Aamgard Engineering
Aamgard breakout box for data analysis Spice Tiga Cosworth Formula Student Lamborghini Huracan GT3 at the GT-Masters
dashboard Mitsubishi Evo from Aamgard Engineering Motec ACL Advanced Central Logger with connecting cables Jensen 541R with Aamgard PL04 classic rear lamps adapter cable with Deutsch AS connector FIA rain lamps from Aamgard Engineering
Racecar Engineering Directory FIA rain lamps Aamgard AX02 for GT3 + GTE Ferrari FXX K Evo with Aamgard rear lamps KA-Sensors KTSM turbo speed sensors
standardised cable set for TipFlash modules building a sensor loom for Motec data logger Audi with Aamgard rain light in the DTM building of electric harnesses - we are wiring Lemo series 306 connector

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