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    Blog 2024
        Motorsport Steering Wheels
        TipFlash Full Set
        Motorsport Switches
    Blog 2023
        PMW Expo Cologne 2023
        Special Make Temperature Sensors
        Motec System Setup
        Shielded Wires Raychem
        FIA Rain Lights
        We Are Wiring
        Toyota TF102
        Drag Chain Cable
        Porsche Head Light
        Cosworth DFV / DFL Wiring Loom
        Good Wiring Tools
    Blog 2022
        Autosport Connectors
        Battery Cut-Off Relays
        Adapter Cable for Telemetry
        VLN Nurburgring
        GT3 FIA Rain Lights
        Wiring Loom Labeling
        Active Rain Light Blink Switch
        Spaghetti Wiring
        Spa Classic Race
        Aamgard Temperature Sensors
        Powerbox Le Mans Car
        Steering Wheel Aston Martin
        Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors
        Sensor Loom LMP up to 180°C
    Blog 2021
        Shelby Cobra 427
        Superseal Fail
        Wiring Looms Rally Dakar
        3D Printing Intake Manifold
        Data Cable
        Motec PDM
        Formula Vauxhall-Lotus FIA Rain Light
        Japanese Super GT
        Graphic Panelmeter
        Breakout Boxes with Deutsch ASL Connectors
        Porsche RS Spyder
        Buchtipp Data Analysis
        X-Raid Wins Rally Dakar
        Wiring Loom Reproduction
    Blog 2020
        Motec Displays and Dashlogger
        TipFlash with Superseal
        Kissling Battery Cut-Off Relays
        Rapid-Prototyping with 3D Printing
        Electronic Blinker Relay
        Kremer Porsche 962
        Anderson Battery Connectors
        Building of a Classic Dashboard
        Conversion of Classic Rear Lamps
        Beetle Steering Wheel
        Ferrari FXX K
        Construction of a Dashboard
        Wiring Loom
        DTM Rainlight Rene Rast
    Blog 2019
        PMW Expo 2019
        Aamgard Electric Cable Set
        DTM Finals Hockenheim
        Cobra Classic Lamp
        Adaptor Cable Set
        DTM in Assen
        LED Signal PCBs
        Engine Loom for Formula Vauxhall-Lotus
        Connectors for Motorsport and Automobiles
        DTM Opening Hockenheim
        Steering Wheel Switch Panel
        Cosworth ECU
        Technical Essay Accuracy, DHBW Insights
        Classic Dashboards
        Autosport Show 2019
        Programmable TipFlash Module
    Blog 2018
        FIA Rear Lamps Rally Dakar
        Breakout Box
        Motec CAN Logger
        Wiring Loom Bosch MS4
        Mitsubishi Evo Dashboard
        LED Rear Lamps Jensen 541R
        LED Rain Lights
        ADAC GT Masters
        Formula Student Germany
        Sensor Loom for Motec SVIM Data Logger
        Lemo Pressure Sensor Assembly
        Vehicle Electrics Spice Tiga Cosworth
        Cable Harness for Aamgard TipFlash Module
        Tyrrell F1 Dashboard
        DTM Rainlights
        Autosport Show Birmingham 2018
        Electronics 42


Vehicle Electrics
    Wiring Looms
    Steering Wheels
    Test Adaptors

Logo Aamgard Engineering


    Contract Engineering Lighting
    Retrofitting of Classic Car Lamps
    LED Rear Lamps
        LED Rear Lamps / FIA Rain Lights AX02
        LED Rear Lamps / FIA Rain Lights AX03
        Cobra LED Rear Lamp PL04
        LED Round Lamp PL05
        Tractor and Sports Car Rear Lamp PL06
        Multi-Function LED Lamp AX04
    Head Lights
        LED Motorsport Head Light LX15
        Elliptic Auxiliary Head Light LX11
        Oval Auxiliary Head Light LX10
    Luminous Foils + Pit Signals
        Electroluminescent Foil LFX
        LED Pit Board / Stopboard PB10
        Four Lines Luminous Signal Board PB04
        Two Lines Luminous Signal Board PB02
    Misc. LED Lights
        Black Light Interior Lamp LD11
        Modern Instrument Light LD75
        Classic Instrument Light LD77
        Universal Round LED PCB LDX02
        Position Indicator Display LPA


    Contract Engineering Electronics
    Configuration and Setup of DAQ Systems
    Smart Modules
        TipFlash SU251
        Active Rain Light Blink Switch SU28
        Electronic Indicator Relay SU07
        Indicator Switch Module SU21
        GPS Receiver L10
        Digital Map Switch MSX06
        Analog Map Switch MS12/MS16
        Thermocouple Amplifier TCA
        CAN Bus Lambda Modules LTC
        Gear Shift Detector SU10-GSS
        Two Channel Threshold Switch SU10-DWS
        Motec UTC USB-to-CAN Adapter
        PC Adapter ETU Ethernet-to-USB
    Displays + Dashlogger
        Motec Dashlogger 5'' C185
        Motec Dashlogger 7" C187
        Motec Dashlogger 12" C1812
        Motec Display 5" D175
        Graphical Panelmeter LPPD
        Shift Light Module SLM
    Control Units
        Motec ECUs M1 Series
        Motec Goldbox Series
        Power Control Units Aamgard NT-Serie
        Motec PDM16 / PDM32
        Prog. Electronic Relay Box CU05
    DAQ Modules
        Motec Data Logger L180
        CAN Bus Sensor Expander E816
        CAN Bus Thermocouple Expander E888
        DAQ Module Motec SVIM


    3D Printing
        Deutsch and Souriau Autosport Connectors
        MIL Connectors
        Deutsch Industrial Connectors DT / DTP / DTM
        Tyco Superseal
        Thermocouple Connector
        Molex Connectors for Motec ECUs
        Connectors for Bosch MS3 / MS4 ECUs
        Tyco Jetronic Connector
        Metripack Pressure Sensor Connector
        Lemo 306 Sensor Connector
        Bosch Compact Connector
        Multi-Pole Tyco JPT Connector
        Delphi Connector for JPT Contacts
        Kostal Connector for JPT Contacts
        Teves ABS / Wheel Speed Sensor Connector
        H11 Head Light Connector
        FEP Connector for VW / Audi / BMW
        Industrial Connector Tyco CPC
        Faston / Fastin Connector
        Battery Connector / Jump Start Connector
        Coloured Push Buttons BB01
        Illuminated Engine Start Button BB20
        Push Button 8 Ampere BB03
        Slimline Unipolar Dip Switches
        One and Two Pole Dip Switches from SCI
        Safety Cover for Dip Switches
        Trigger Switch BBX50
        Battery Cut-Off Switch BTS6
        High Power Relay Rincon BTR35
        Kissling Battery Cut-Off Relay
        NAIS Panasonic Miniature Relay
        ETA Circuit Breakers ETA57
        500 Amp. High Current Fuses FHH
    Wiring Materials
        Automotive Wires DIN 72551
        PTFE / Teflon Wires 5Y / 5YR
        Spiral Cables for Steering Wheels
        Shielded Cables, Special Wires
        Heat Shrinks and Jacket Materials
        Precision Temperature Sensor ATRF
        Fast Response Air Temperature Sensor ATRA
        Surface Temperature Sensor ATRG
        Thermocouple XTCK
        IR Tyre Temperature Sensor