Vehicle Electrics, Wiring Looms and Components

Until the 90th race cars electrics merely contained some battery, starter, an ignition coil and a 21 Watt bulb rear light. Everything was wired by few flexi cords and a bulky starter cable and tied together by a sort of duct tape. Today, modern race cars without complex electric harnesses, electronics and sensors are almost unthinkable.

Our motorsport experience goes from Formula Ford to Formula 1 and via touring and rally cars, GTs and WEC prototypes up to Le Mans classic cars of the 80th and 90th. Aamgard Enginering develop and build individual wiring looms and dashboards for racing cars, sport boats test beds and industrial plants. We support you at implementing and field use. If in need for any electric system or wiring loom, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Services and Products About Your System Electrics

sports car wiring loom

Electric Harnesses and Individual Wiring Looms

  • individual wiring looms and electric harnesses in motorsport quality
  • for race cars, sport boats, test beds and laboratories
  • full system topography engineering
  • planing, overmeasure, final assembly and system launch on-site
  • prototypes, one-off and small volume manufacturing

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formula car stering wheel for a hill climb car

Dashboards, Steering Wheels and Test Bed Panels

  • design and building of dashboards to customer demands
  • steering wheel plates and electric assemblies
  • junction boxes, electric patch boards, test bed and control panels
  • for modern and classic race cars, sport boats and test beds
  • on-site service, single part and small volume manufacturing

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breakout box for a Bosch ABS loom

Test Adaptors, Breakout Boxes and Instrument Cables

  • system measurement boxes for Aamgard control units
  • breakout boxes for ECUs from Motec, Bosch, Cosworth et al.
  • adaptor cables and test boxes to customer specification
  • instrumentation adaptors and test cables for test beds and field use

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Autosport connectors from Deutsch and Souriau

Connectors, Electric Plugs and Jacks

  • Autosport-, MIL- and aerospace connectors
  • Deutsch, Souriau, Lemo, Amphenol, ITT-Cannon
  • connectors for industries, instrumentation and stage machinery
  • automotive connectors from Tyco, Bosch, FEP, Kostal, Delphi-Aptiv et al.

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starter button, ETA switch fuse and Kissling cut-off relay

Switches, Fuses, Relays and Electric Components

  • dip switches, push buttons, rotary switches and map switches
  • classic and electronic relays
  • ETA circuit breakers / switch fuses with push-push operation
  • battery cut-off sitches and isolator relays

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wires, heat shrinks and cable protection products

Wires, Electric Wiring Materials and Cable Protection

  • PVC automotive wires, DIN 72551
  • PTFE / Teflon cables, DIN 57881
  • heat shrink, meshed tubing, spiral hose
  • reinforcement, shielding and heat protection
  • general electrical materials

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