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Press Articles and Technical Publications

Engineering Insights
Technical Essay

DHBW Stuttgart 2018

DHBW-Stuttgart Engineering Insights 2018: Accuracy at Data Acquirement

DTM Rain Lights

RaceTech 2017 / Online

RaceTech 2017: Aamgard FIA Rain Lights for the DTM

DX Laser Measurement
System for Ground Clearance and
Vehicle Dynamics

RaceTech 2015

RaceTech 2015: DX Measurement System for Ground Clearance and Vehicle Dynamics

Autosport International
Show Review 2012

RaceTech 2012

RaceTech: Autosport International Birmingham 2012

Preview PMW Expo
Cologne 2011

RaceTech 2011

RaceTech: Preview Professional Motorsport World Expo Cologne 2011

LED Rain Lights

RaceTech 2008

RaceTech 2008 Article: Lighting the Way

Project Aamgard AM1

All4Engineers 2008 / Online

All4Engineers 2008: Aamgard AM1

Brands Hatch Formula
Ford Festival 2001

Motorsport XL 2001

Motorsport XL: Formula Ford Festival 2001

Formula Ford and
Formula Euro Cup

Misc. 1994-1997

MT: Second of the championship 1996 and saison start in Monza 1995 MT: Formula Renault test drives autumn 1997

MT: First victory on the Hockenheim GP track in 1996

Top Speed 1996: Emsland Formel Euro Team

MT: Hockenheim finals 1994 MT: Zandvoort 1994