Interior Lighting and Misc. LED Signal Lights

vehicle interior lighting / UV night light

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Black Light / UV Vehicle Interior Lamp     LD11

Bright and glare-free vehicle interior lamp with black light UV LEDs: White surfaces and dashboard markings do light up brightly, while other colours stay dark.

  • programmable luminosity with internal or external push button
  • sturdy, compact and lightweight plastic housing
  • electric connection:   ASL connector or 1m open cable
  • supply:   12V, ca. 350mA at highest brightness setting
  • main dimensions:   140 x 90 x 30 mm
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

blue colour LED instrument light

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Dashboard Lamp in Modern Design     LD75

The LED signal lights of the LD75 series are available in six LED colours and four housing variants. The housings are from metal for single hole mounting. The little lamps show high brilliance, low current consumption and very good reverse voltage and ESD protection. The white variant also is available with increased intensity for dashboard illumination or as a reading lamp in rally cars etc. For glare-free interior lighting an ultra-violet type (black light) is on hand.

  • housing variants:   inside / outside reflector, chromed / matt black
  • LED colours:   red, yellow, green, blue, white, UV (black light)
  • dimensions:   Ø 10 x 4 mm (bore Ø 8.5 mm), depth ca. 40 mm
  • weight:   ca. 6 g
  • supply voltage:   12 V / ca. 10 mA (extra-white and UV ca.26 mA)
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

LED instrument light

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Dashboard Lamp in Classic Design     LD77

The LD77 LED lamps have a transparent square plastic housing and are intended for dashboard control and signal lights for classic racing cars. They have a very aesthetic brilliance. Also they stand out by low power consumption and good protection against ESD, induced and reverse voltages.

  • LED colours:   red, yellow, green, blue and white
  • dimensions:   16 x 13 x 7 mm (bore Ø 10.5 mm), depth ca. 60 mm
  • weight:   ca. 7 g
  • supply voltage:   12 V / ca. 10 mA
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

round LED signal lamp LDX02-G with green LEDs

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Universal Round LED PCB     LDX02

The low weight LED PCBs of the LDX02 type do not have a housing and can be directly molded or casted with transparen epoxy into rear mirrors, lamp modules or start number plate lighting systems. With its high luminosity and beam angle the parts are usable for many applications in motorsport, on boats, for exhibition stands or in industries.

  • supply voltage:   12 V / ca. 3 W
  • LED colours:   red, yellow, green, blue, white, UV (black light)
  • apperture:   120°
  • dimensions:   Ø 46 mm, weight ca. 12 g
  • variantes for front side / rear side mounting
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

position indicator display for Le Mans sports cars

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Position Indicator Display for Le Mans Sports Cars     LPA

Lightweight and fully water proof casted LED module with three single light spots to display the cars position in a race. The module is controlled by the race track marshalling system and shows the spectators the ranking of the car in the classement: one dot pos. 1, two dots pos.2 and three dots pos. 3.

  • very low weight carbon composit backplate with castet LED PCBs
  • light colours:   red, blue, yellow, green, white
  • el. connection:   ASL connector, code as light colour
  • main dimensions:   235 x 105 mm, mounting depth ca. 20mm
  • supply   12V, each ca. 350mA per LED dot
  • manufacturer   Aamgard Engineering

The race position display system originally has been introduced 2005 in the American Le Mans Series to give a better overview to race visitors on the grandstands. Meanwhile it has become standard at Le Mans and in all World Endurance Chamionship (WEC) events.