Control Units and Power Distribution Modules

Motec Engine Control Units of the M1 Series

With its M1 series, Motec is the only manufacturer of mid-price engine control units who offers, apart from map tuning, the possibility of own firmware development by the user. So, the user is no more limited to only optimize vehicle and engine maps and parameter, but with a C-like modelling language can also build individual software functions and strategies.

  • up to 43 inputs and 52 outputs for sensors, ignition coils etc.
  • data interfaces: LIN bus, CAN bus, RS232, Ethernet
  • integrated 250MB data logger and i2-Pro analysis software
  • many development tools and predefined function set
  • full compatible with all Motec displays, sensor expanders, GPS etc.
  • manufacturer:   Motec

The M1 series mainly addresses the professional vehicle and engine builder. Alternatively Motec offers a vast range of firmware packages and also contract engineering of customer specific applications.

Engine Control Units of the Motec Goldbox Series

Since many years, the Motec Goldbox series engine control units are first choice of tuners and engine builder worldwide. A wide range of standard functions, full parametrizable ignition and injection maps, CAN functionality and many analog and digital inputs and outputs allow to control nearly every 4/6/8 cylinder engine.

  • types: M84, M400, M600, M800, M880
  • cylinder counts: 4, 6, 8, 12
  • 20 analog and digital inputs, 22 outputs
  • CAN bus and RS232 data interface
  • up to 4MB internal data logging, analysis software i2 and optional i2-Pro
  • manifold functions like knock control, drive-by-wire, anti-lag etc.
  • compatible with Motec displays, sensor expanders, SLM etc.
  • manufacturer: Motec

Due to its easy handling, the Goldbox series ECUs are intended as well for professional engineers, as for committed racing teams and club sport level racers.

power distribution modules of the Aamgard NT series

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PDMs / Power Control Units of the Aamgard NT Series

The power control units (PCUs, also called PDMs or PCMs) of the Aamgard NT series are intended to replace conventional switches, relays and fuses in racecars and at test bed applications. The monitoring and control functions will be programmed to customer specification. For the user no job training on setup or operation software is necessary.

  • CU10-NT:   6 analog / digital inputs
                      4 high-side outputs, 30A current sourcing capability
  • CU12-NT:   11 analog / digital inputs
                      9 high-side outputs, 89A current sourcing capability
  • CU14-NT:   14 analog / digital inputs
                      18 high-side outputs, 198A current sourcing capability
  • application functions to customer specification
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

Motec power distribution module PDM32

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Motec Power Distribution Modules     PDM16 / PDM32

In modern racecars power distribution modules (PDMs) replace conventional relay boxes and classic circuit breakers or automotive furses. Usually they are also called PCU (Power Control Unit) or CCU (Current Control Unit).

Motec offers programmable PDM variants with up to 32 full protected power outputs and 23 input channels. The PDMs ar fully configurable and compatible to all Motec ECUs, displays and data logger.

  • PDM16:   12 inputs, 8x 8A outputs, 8x 20A outputs
  • PDM32:   23 inputs, 24x 8A outputs, 8x 20A outputs
  • controllable via Motec CAN keypads or digital inputs
  • programmable fuse threshold for each output channel in 1A steps
  • all outputs are short-circuit proof and with over temperature protection
  • many free-programmable application and diagnosis functions
  • manufacturer:   Motec

The Motec PDMs mainly reach out to professional developers of vehicle electrics. Due to their easy operation principles also amateurs and club racers are able to familiarise to the system.

Programmable Electronic Relay Box     CU05

The Aamgard relay box CU05 is a reliable and compact replacement of conventional electromechanic automotive relays. The box can be used either for vehicle lighting, blinker etc. or with appropriate sensors e.g. for temperature control of pumps or fans.

  • 8 digital switch inputs
  • 7 high-side PMOS outputs (plus side switched)
  • output current 12A per channel
  • individual function set programming to customer specification,
    e.g. functions like tip-flash, blinker, fuel pump control etc.
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering