Electronic Modules and Smart Units

Programmable TipFlash / High Beam Flasher Module     SU251

The TipFlash module is used in endurance races for automatic headlight / high beam flashing while lapping a car ahead. A high beam switch turns the headlights on and off. With a brief stroke of the flash button, the lamp flashes as often as programmed by the user.

  • automatic flashing of the headlights with a keystroke of the flash button
  • number of flashes user programmable when installed in the car
  • for LED, Xenon or conventional halogen headlights
  • short-circuit proof and internal overload protection
  • three connector variants: Superseal, ASL, open wires
  • standard version with superseal plug including mating plug SS-5S
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

Accessories are available, like switches and push buttons , a blue
LED high beam control lamp or a standard wiring harness (see sketch)
that can be adapted to your requirements.

rain light / fog light blink switch

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Active Blink Switch for Rain Lights and Fog Lamps     SU28

The active three-way switch is used in motorsports to drive older LED rain lamps or standard bulb fog lights. In the middle position, the connected lamp
is off. In position | (knob up) the battery voltage is switched straight to the rain lamp or fog light - the light is on. In position ¦ (knob down) the lamp is controlled by the internal blink relay and blinks. The module does have a high side output.

  • integrated blink relay with load independent blink frequency
  • for LED lights or standard bulb lamps
  • three switch positions: ON - OFF - BLINK
  • continuous load / pulse load:   8A
  • dust and splash water protected, IP 67
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

With this blink switch, older rain lights or fog lights can be continued to use at racing series, where a blinking rain light is mandatory.

Aamgard electronic blinker relay SU07

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Electronic Indicator Relay     SU07

The electronic flasher relay (solid state relay) SU07 is a compact and reliable replacement for conventional mechanic blinker relays. Only plus / minus have to be connected and the blinker module high-side output. The continuing load capacity in flasher pulse mode is 8A. The blink frequency is load-independent and therefore the module is suitable for classic filament lamps as for modern LED indicator lights.

  • applications: vehicle indicators, warning and signal lights,
                        flashing FIA rain lights, etc.
  • increased flashing frequency for motorsport applications
  • suitable for conventional and LED indicator lamps
  • very small, lightweight, robust and waterproof (IP69+)
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

SU21 electronic indicator switch module from Aamgard Engineering

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Electronic Indicator Switch Module     SU21

The electronic indicator switch module replaces the conventional indicator switch, the warning light switch and the indicator relay in one very compact unit. The rotary switch can be mounted easily to each dashboard. The module is proof to vibration and moisture up to IP class 69. The output load is 8A for each channel (left / right). The blink frequency is load independent, so the module works same for bulb lamps and modern LED indicator lamps.

  • rotary switch module with integrated flasher relay and power outputs
  • plus side switched (HighSide outputs)
  • suitable for conventional and LED indicator lamps
  • increased flashing frequency for motorsport applications
  • compact, easy to mount and low weight
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

Motec GPS Receiver     GPS-L10

The L10 is a GPS receiver with very good sensitivity for applications in motorsport, rallying and offshore boating. The compact module contains an internal GPS antenna and is ideal for track mapping, speed measurement
or lap timing. Data transmission to the connected data logger or ECU is unidirectional via RS232 interface.

  • refresh rate 10Hz
  • transmitted data: position, altitude, speed, time
  • supply voltage: 5V or with voltage converter 12V (8..36V)
  • electric connection:   DTM connector (standard)   or   ASL et al.
  • dimensions / weight: 48mm x 41mm x 14mm / 106g (incl. 3m cable)
  • manufacturer: Motec / NN

digital rotary switch / map switch MS06 from Aamgard Engineering

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Digital Coded Rotary Switch / Map Switch     MS06

The map switch MS06 is connected to digital switch inputs of control units for the selection of a function or a function map. Typical applications are the selection of traction maps in ABS control units, ignition and injection maps in engine control units etc. Furthermore, the MS06 can directly control resistive loads, relays, lamps etc. up to approx. 1.1A switched current / 5A continuous current against Gnd/ground.

  • digital / binary coded
  • adjustable to 2..6 switching positions
  • operating voltage 3..18V
  • switched load 1.1A
  • mounting: central bore   10.5mm
  • variants with open cable or Deutsch-Autosports connector
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

analog coded rotary switch / map switch MS12 from Aamgard Engineering

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  𝌆   Manual MS16

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Analog Coded Rotary Switches / Map Switches     MS12 / MS16

The map switches MS12 / MS16 are used to select a function or a function map on control units with analog switch inputs. Common applications are the selection of traction maps on ABS control units, ignition and injection maps in engine control units, etc. The rotary switches are available optionally with internal 5V reference voltage or with ratiometric 5V supply. The map switches have reverse polarity protection. They are short-circuit proof and have full diagnostic capability (short circuit and cable break).

  • switch positions: 2-6 (MS16) or 2-12 (MS12)
  • supply voltage: 5.0V (ratiometric) or 8..18V (internal 5V reference)
  • short circuit proof and intrinsically safe
  • mounting: single bore ∅10.5mm
  • variants with open cable end or Deutsch-Autosports connector
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

thermocouple amplifier TCA from Motec

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Motec Thermocouple Amplifier     TCA

The Motec TCA is an instrument amplifier for K type thermocouples with a measurement range up to 1250°C. It provides internal cold junction compensation and is used with data logger or control units that do not have own internal thermocouple inputs.

  • for all type K thermocouples (NiCr-NiAl)
  • output signal 0..5V
  • supply voltage: 12V (8..16V)
  • manufacturer: Motec

As sensors we recommend XTCK thermocouples. Also we offer thermocouple cables by the meter and build instrument cables including Autosport connectors with compensating Chromel / Alumel contacts.

Motec LTC lambda modules

  𝌆   Data Sheet LTC-L

  𝌆 Data Sheet LTC-N

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CAN Bus Lambda Modules     LTC

The LTC module (Lambda-to-CAN) enables the in motorsports and automobile industries most-used wideband lambda sensors from Bosch and NGK to be connected to all Motec ECUs or data logger.

  • Motec LTC: Lambda-to-CAN
  • LTC-L for LSU 4.9 Bosch lambda sensors
  • LTC-N for NTK/NGK lambda sensors LZA09
  • adjustable data rate up to 1Mbit/s
  • configuration by software 'LTC Manager'
  • manufacturer: Motec

With its open CAN protocoll, the LTC modules also can be used with control units of other manufacturers.

Aamgard gear shift detector SU10-GSS

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Programmable Gear Shift Detector     SU10-GSS

The SU10-GSS signal converter detects the exceeding / falling below of a programmable analog upper or lower input value. Typical applications are the detection of upshift / downshift thresholds with analog gear shift force sensors for the automatic ignition cut. p>

  • for all sensors with 5V output
  • 1 Amp. low-side outputs
  • supply voltage 12V or 5V
  • programmable via analog setup adaptor SU95
  • epoxy moulded housing, IP69
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

Aamgard two channel threshold switch SU10-DWS

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Programmable Two Channel Threshold Switch     SU10-DWS

The threshold switch SU10-DWS is an advancement of the SU10 signal converter series. It contains two independent, field-programmable window switches. Typical applications are monitoring of oil pressure or coolant temperature, lambda control or to be used as a low power switch for pumps or fans in racecars.

  • for all sensors with 5V output or external 5V reference
  • 1 Amp. low-side outputs
  • supply voltage 12V or 5V
  • programmable via analog setup adaptor SU95
  • epoxy moulded housing, IP69
  • manufacturer: Aamgard Engineering

Motec UTC

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Bus Adapter USB-to-CAN for Motec PDMs     UTC

The Motec PDMs have several CAN bus data interfaces used as well for system setup as for data communication between other control units and electronic modules. To configure a Motec PDM by PC or notebook a Motec UTC adapter from CAN to USB is required.

  • full compatible with all Motec PDMs
  • no installation of drivers for Windows 7 and higher
  • USB type B connector at the PC side
  • 5-pin XLR connector at the CAN side
  • voltage supply 5V via USB / PC
  • manufacturer:   Motec

PC adapter Ethernet-to-USB

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PC Adapter Ethernet-to-USB     ETU

Today many laptops do not have a hardware Ethernet / LAN connector any more. To work with software like Motec Dash-Manager etc. an Ethernet connection is required. Here this interface module helps. It is connected to an available USB plug (USB type A connector) and offers an RJ45 plug on the other end for connecting a standard LAN cable / Ethernet cable.

  • USB 3.0   /   LAN 10 / 100 / 1000 MBit/s
  • no installation of drivers from Windows 10 upwards
  • USB connector typ A at the PC side
  • RJ45 plug at the LAN side
  • manufacturer:   Ugreen / NN

The pin-out conforms the European standard TIA-568-A. Since some patch cables have crossed Tx-Rx connection (American standard 568-B, AT+T / Bell), sometimes a cross-over adapter is required.