Sensors and Sensor Accessories

Precision Temperature Sensor     ATRF

Universal temperature sensor for usage with fluids, solids, air and gases.
The ATRF stands out by high precision, fast response time, a ruggedized construction from aviation grade aluminium and good durability even in corrosive media. The ATRF is suitable as a motorsport sensor, as well as a temperature sensor in aerospace and demanding industrial applications.

  • measurement range:   -50 .. +250°C
  • characteristics:   PT1000 or PT100
  • threads:   M6x1.0 or M10x1.0 - others purpose-built on request
  • weight:   M6   9g   /   M10   11g   (each incl. cable 270mm)
  • applications:   temperature measurement in engine lubricants,
    hydraulic and brake fluids, fuels, coolants etc.
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

Fast Response Air Temperature Sensor     ATRA

Sensor with high accuracy for measurement of fast changing temperatures in air and gases. By the insulated PEEK tip, an widely open media ingress and a very small and ultra-fast NTC sensor chip, the ATRA allows temperature measurements with high dynamics especially in turbo charged engines and at test beds. The ATRF is used as well in motorsports, as in demanding industrial applications or aerospace.

  • measurement range:   -50 .. +250°C
  • characteristics:   NTC10K   (10kΩ @ 25°C)
  • response time:   in flowing air < 2s
  • threads:   M10x1.0 - others purpose-built on request
  • weight:   10g   (incl. cable 270mm)
  • applications:   dynamic air temperature measurement in race engines,
    turbo chargers, pneumatic systems etc.
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

ATRG surface temperature sensor / socket mount sensor up to 250°C

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Surface Temperature Sensor / Ring Mount Sensor     ATRG

Sensor for measurement of surface temperatures of engines and motors, machine parts, housings and tank constructions in process or heat technology etc. The ATRG is sturdy and resistant to vibration and do have a very decent response time. It finds its utilisation mainly in demanding industrial applications.

  • measurement range:   -50 .. +250°C
  • characteristics:   PT1000 or PT100
  • mounting sizes:   M5, M6 or M8
  • cable exit:   0°, 45° or 90°
  • weight:   M5/M6 12g   /   M8 13g     (each incl. cable 270mm)
  • applications:   surface temperature measurement on test beds,
    heat technology / HVAC, general engineering etc.
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

K type thermocouple

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Thermocouple / Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor     XTCK

Mantle thermocouple for high temperature measurements in fluids and gases. The XTCK elements are mainly used in exhaust gas temperature measurement, as well in motorsports as in industrial applications. The sensor is available with several tip diameters and lengths. Usually it is mounted by standard gland nut compression fittings.

  • thermal element:   K-type / NiCr-NiAl (DIN-EN 584, IEC code ''green'')
  • measurement range:   -220 .. +1150°C
  • mantle material:   stainless steel 1.4571 / AISI 316Ti
  • electric cable :   glas silk with steel braid, length up to ca. 15m
  • temperature resistance cable:   400°C
  • wire length:   up to ca. 15m
  • manufacturer:   NN

For connecting these sensors to dataloggers or ECUs without thermocouple input, we can offer suitable instrumentation amplifiers with internal cold junction compensation.

infrared temperature sensor

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Infrared Tyre Temperature Sensor     TX-IR1

Cost effective IR sensor for contactless temperature measurement at moving / rotating parts, especially tyre tempertures. The TX-IR1 has a fixed emissivity of 0.95 and an aperture of 35° (ca. 2:1).

  • measurement range:   up to 300°C
  • output signal:   linear 0.5 .. 4.5V
  • dimensions:   20mm x 16mm x 12mm
  • manufacturer:   Texense