Fuses and Circuit Breaker

ETA Circuit Breakers / Switch Fuses Series 57

Thermal switch fuse for automotive and instrument engineering with push-push activation. Due to their rated min. 5000 switching cycles the ETA fuses are suitable as intrinsically safe power switches e.g. for fuel pumps etc. They have a good vibration resistance, a modest temperature derating and a compact size.

  • AE part number:   ETA57
  • operation:   push-push
  • nominal voltage:   250VAC / 50VDC
  • rated tripping currents:   2 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 A
  • connections:   flat pins 6.3mm
  • main dimensions:   14 x 29mm, depth (apart contacts) 47mm
  • mounting:   center bore ∅10.5mm
  • weight:   30g
  • manufacturer:   E-T-A

As an alternative to ETA fuses for motorsport applications we can offer electronic fused relays (FSSR / Fused Solid State Relays) with preset or programmable trigger level.

High Current Fuses up to 500A

High current filament fuses for automotive applications. The fuses comply to DIN ISO 8820-5. They are colour-coded and do have an inspection glass where the filament state is visible.

  • AE part number:   FHH
  • rated currents:   100 / 250 / 350 / 500 A   et al.
  • operating voltage:   bis 32V
  • breaking capacity:   2000A
  • main dimensions:   68mm x 18.3mm
  • mounting:   M8 contact holes, 51mm contact distance
  • manufacturer:   IMAXX

For these fuses we can provide suitable single and multi fuse holders.