Relays and Battery Isolators

Hermetically Sealed High Power Relay from Rincon

Hermetically sealed electro magnetic high current contactors from Rincon are mainly used in mining industries, on oil rigs, in construction machines or maritime shipping. Due to its low eight and high vibration resistancy the Rincon relays are also well suited for motorsport applications. Opposite to electronic solid state circuit breakers the electro magnetic cut-off switches secure full galvanic isolation of the battery from the vehicle and engine electrics.

  • AE part number:   BTR35
  • usage as emergency switch / battery cut-off switch
  • contacts:   1x main contact and 1x aux. contact (both N/O)
  • rated current:   350A
  • max. switch-off current:   3000A
  • coil power consumption:   130mA @ 12V
  • drop voltage:   125mV @ 250A
  • temperature range:   -40 .. +80°C
  • weight:   410g
  • manufacturer:   Rincon Power Products

The relays are available usually within one week of lead time.

Kissling Battery Cut-Off Relay

Battery cut-off relays from German manufacturer Kissling have been used inside Porsche cup racing cars as emergency isolator switch for many years. In shutdown case it secures full galvanic isolation of battery and the remaining electric system.

  • AE part number:   BTR01 et al.
  • usage as emergency switch resp. battery cut-off switch
  • variants with misc. main and auxiliary contacts
  • rated current:   up to 300A
  • max. switch-off current:   depending by type up to 3000A
  • coil power consumption:   depending by type ca. 350mA
  • drop voltage:   150mV @ 300A
  • temperature range:   -55 .. +75°C
  • weight:   407g
  • manufacturer:   Kissling / TE

NAIS-Panasonic miniature relay

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NAIS Panasonic Miniature Relay

Since many years the NAIS relays are used by us in racecars for relay boxes and classic dashboards. They provide high nominal power at low coil consumption and are very compact and reliable.

  • AE part number:   NAIS
  • main contact:   make contact (N/O) 35A
  • aux. contact :   break contact (N/C) 20A
  • voltage:   12V
  • connections:   flat pin 4.8mm / 6.3mm
  • main dimensions:   20mm x 15mm x 22mm
  • weight:   19g
  • manufacturer:   NAIS / Panasonic

For mounting single or more relays we can offer several mounting brackets. Small quantities are usually available from own stocks. As an alternative to conventional relays for motorsport applications we can offer lightweight and very small electronic relays (Solid State Relais).