Switches and Buttons

Coloured Push Buttons for Dashboards and Steering Wheels

The Apem push buttons stand out by elegant matt design and on the technical side by a very precise and even with wearing racing gloves very tactile trigger point.

  • AE part number:   BB01
  • colours:  red, blue, yellow, green, black
  • el. data:   50VDC / 200mA
  • connections:   soldering eyelet
  • protection class: IP67
  • temperature range:   -40 .. +125°C
  • mounting: bore ∅12.5mm
  • manufacturer:   Apem

The buttons BB01 are usually available in small quantities from stock.

Illuminated Engine Start Button

The shapely starter push button BB20 is available with a chrome ring or a black mounting ring. With this button the engine starter solenoid can be operated directly. The red LED inside the switch is intended wether as a switch illumination or, with additional shunt, as alternator control lamp.

  • AE part numbers:   BB20-CH (chrome) or BB20-BK (black)
  • electric load:   25A @ 24VDC
  • connections:   3 pole, screws M4
  • main dimensions:   ∅30mm x 15mm hight
  • mounting depth:   30mm
  • general mounting:   bore ∅22mm
  • manufacturer:   NN

The starter buttons as well as 4W shunts are usually available in small quantities from stock.

Ruggedised Motorsport Push Buttons

Standard motorsport push button with high ampacity. With the BB03 low power electric modules like wiper, horn, head light flasher etc can be switched without additinal relay.

  • AE part numbers:   BB03-XO (break contact) or BB03-XC (make contact)
  • el. data:   8A @ 12VDC
  • connections:   flat pin 6.3mm
  • mounting:   bore ∅12.5mm
  • manufacturer:   Apem

For this push button are scew-on dust caps available. Usually the BB03 are available from stock.

One and Two Pole SCI Dip Switches

One and two pole standard toggle switch with high current carrying capacity for motorsport dashboards and industrial swich panels. The SCI switches are available with several different functions.

  • BBS-11:   changeover switch single pole   ON-ON
  • BBS-101:   changeover switch single pole with neutral pos.   ON-OFF-ON
  • BBS-22:   changeover switch single pole   ON-ON
  • BBS-202:   changeover switch two-pole with neutral pos.   ON-OFF-ON
  • el. data:   15A @ 24VDC
  • connections:   flat connector 6.3mm
  • mounting:   bore ∅12.5mm
  • protection class:   IP65 / IP67
  • manufacturer:   SCI

The BBS toggle switches are delivered with a standard screw-on rubber cap that provides front-side protection class IP67. Also there are red or carbon look safety covers available. The switches are available from stock or with short lead time.

Slimline Unipolar Dip Switches

Slim and lightweight unipolar dip switches with high load for harsh motorsport and industrial environments. There are several functions available.

  • BAC01-10:   switch ON-OFF
  • BAC01-11:   toggle switch ON-ON
  • BAC01-101:   toggle switch with middle position ON-OFF-ON
  • BAC01-10X:   momentary and static switch function ON-OFF-(ON)
  • BAC01-X0X:   mom. toggle switch with middle position (ON)-OFF-(ON)
  • electrical data:   15A (20A) @ 36VDC
  • connections:   flat pin 6.3mm
  • mounting:   bore ∅12.5mm
  • protection class:   IP65 / IP67
  • manufacturer:   Arcolectric (Bulgin) / Apem

The BAC series toggle switches are delivered with a standard screw-on rubber cap. Also there are red or carbon look safety covers available. Usually the switches are available from stock or with short lead time.

Safety Cover / Trigger Protection Cap for Dip Switches

Safety covers are used when accidental triggering of a dip switch must be prevented by all means. In racing cars this could be at the ignition system, at fuel pumps or at the battery cut-off switch. Only after opening of the security cover the electric switch itself can be operated. Vice versa, with closing the flap the switch is triggered automatically.

The safety covers are available in red colour or carbon composite look. They match our switch series BAC and BBS.

Trigger Switch for Fire Extinguishers or Battery Cut-Off Relays

Trigger switch with LED ring illumination for battery cut-off relays or fire extinguishers in racing cars. The Teflon wires are sheathed with temperature resistant V25 heat shrink. Additional the cable is encased with flexible polyamid braided hose for extra high abrasion protection. The LED ring makes the operation state clear recognisable resp. can be used for easy finding of the exterior switch in emergency situations at night races. The switch has an nearly non-projecting mounting position, so it is highly protected to accidentally actuation.

  • AE part number:   BBX50 (5 pole)   or   BBX30 (3 pole)
  • light colours:   red, blue, green
  • switch function:   changeover switch ON-(ON)
  • cable:   3 / 5 pole AWG24, double layer sheathed, 1m long
  • el. connection:   ASL Autosport connector
  • mounting:   bore ∅19mm
  • protection class:   IP67
  • manufacturer:   Aamgard Engineering

The signal switches will be build to customers requirement with bespoken cable length and connectors.

6-Pole Battery Cut-Off Switch / Bone

The 6-pin battery cut-off switch / battery breaker BTS6 is a cost-effective alternative to electro-magnetic cut-off relays. Contrary to solid state circuit breakers the mechanical switches provide full galvanic isolation of battery and the remaining electric system. The mounting should be done with silent blocks or Rawl nuts and close by as possible to the battery. The actuation is done by a Bowden cable.

  • AE part number:   BTS6
  • main contact:   make contact (N/O) 300A for battery cut-off
  • auxiliary contacts:   each a 10A N/O and 10A N/C
  • mounting:   center bore ∅23mm + two bores for M6 screws
  • manufacturer:   NN

The quality of the BTS6 is quite higher then some other very cheap products. Nevertheless this switch should not been commonly used as an engine-off switch. After an emergency operation at high load the battery cut-off switch should be replaced soon.

The BTS06 usually is available from stock or with short lead time. For operation without a Bowden cable we do also supply quality battery cut-off relays from Rincon or Kissling.