Dashboards and Instrument Panels

Dashboard Mitsubishi Evo

If a racecar, a sport boat, test bed or industrial machine: A good control panel is characterised at first by functional aesthetics. A dashboard also has to be somehow ''beauty­full''. Form Follows Funktion - Function Inspires Form. Only that way it secures safe operation even at stressful situations. Switches, displays and signal lamps with clearly assigned colours and exactly in that position on the dash, where the user intuitively suspect it to be. This is how Aamgard Engineering design and build dashboards and instrument panels which fulfill the high demands of our customers in reliability and clarity at duty.

As carrier plate we usually employ FR4 materials, warp resistance sandwich composite boards or carbon fibre sheets. With good planning and modern wiring materials, at classic car restoration typically we can achieve a weight save of up to 30% compared to previous original parts.

With our dashboards we only use qualty switches and buttons, ETA switch fuses, aviation relays or electronic relays of own development and motorsport connectors from Deutsch and Souriau. Special shaped parts are build by in-house 3D printing or purchased at external specialist suppliers. At classic cars we notably take care of authentic look, especially with gauges and signal lamps - but without to compromise modern quality.

carbon fibre dashboard of a ADA Le Mans racing sports car

GFC dashboard Spice Tiga GC84