Steering Wheels and Electric Steering Wheel Assemblies

The meaning of a motorsport steering wheel has changed considerably over the past years: While earlier the steering wheel was ''used only'' to get a racecar into the corners, today in some racing classes it has become the main system operation center of the whole car. Paddel shift, clutch by wire, many buttons and rotary switches for engine and differential settings, radio talk button, displays and many more items are placed in and on a modern and highly integrated motorsport steering wheel.

But you do not need to take it quite that far - many times there are the small things and controls and functions that makes life so much more comfortable and safer for the driver: A radio talk button, one for the pit speed limiter, a scroll button for the display, head light flasher, hazard switch or rainlight on/off - so at these functions one no longer needs to get the hands away from the steering wheel. Additional warning lamps or an engine shift light strip above the steering wheel hub - it puts all most relevant systems in the drivers focus without distracting from the track.

You do want such a steering wheel? Exactly this is what we build for you! A sturdy composite backing plate made from FR4 or carbon fibre material which can be mounted safe and easily between quick-out and steering wheel itself, whithout the need to modify theses parts. All equipped with high quality buttons and components, a robust spiral cable and an Autosport plug that gives reliable but easy to dismantle electrical connection. That's it.

Momo steering wheel with spiral cable from Aamgard-Engineering

racecar steering wheel with gear display, data display and shift light

Aston Martin steering wheel with Aamgard electric panel   Aston Martin steering wheel, rear side