Electric Harnesses and Individual Wiring Looms

Engineering of System Electrics and Bespoken Wiring Loom Manufacturing

instrumentation loom with Deutsch connectors

Aamgard Engineering plans, develops and builds your vehicle wiring and test bed electrics. Our customers are teams and race car manufacturer in Formula 1, WEC and international touring car and rally sports, also as dedicated amateur racers, rebuilder of historic racing cars, builder of yachts and sport boats, universities and aerospace organisations.

We provide advise for system engineering and choice of suitable components, connectors and base materials and build your electric harness precise and in high quality - reliable, right to deadlines, faultless.

Guidance, Individual Planning and Overmeasure

Whether motorbike, sport boat, classic or modern racecar: Before building an electric harness it needs system planing and preparation of technical drawings. In the motorsport e.g., first it is necessary to get clear about the cars' main operation: Endurance, sprint or rally. Next up is to chose appropriate electric modules and components (ECUs / PDMs, sensors, displays, engine electrics etc.) and the definition of mounting positions of each single part and assembly (head lights and lighting, fuel pumps, battery etc.). with these information costs and project times can be considered.

With further planning, assemblies and components which are going to be wired are specified in detail (connectors, pin-outs, temperature loads, required wire cross sections etc.). It follows car overmeasure, at customers place or in our workshop, final design and preparation of manufacturing documents, loom plans and schematics. Now, the harness can be build.

A main part of work for our customers is qualified consulting. Most times this starts already with the first phone contact. You will recognize: We do not see our duty in "always saying yes". With our experience, we actively question your ideas and help to figure the best and most suitable solution overall. Finally, this proven procedure of engineering deliver anoptimum and reliable race car or test bed wiring loom and electric installation

        Souriau Autosport connector         Superseal connector

Manufacturing of Prototypes and One-Off Parts and Small Volume Production

Aamgard Engineering builds one-off and small volume wiring looms for motorsport customers, boat builders and universities. For the general industries, we make function samples and prototypes to customer drawings and support wiring loom engineering from requirements specification to pre-production sample.

Key for correct operation and durability of a high performance loom are qualified planning and system design, expert workmanship and choosing of suitable components and materials. Serious planning and design are the first steps of a successful project.

DMC pliers for circular connectors

Others than many loom manufacturers we process two different wiring material classes: One is based on automotive flex (FLRY / DIN-ISO 6722), the other is based upon MIL / aerospace grade teflon wires (PTFE-5Y / DIN 57881). Regarding connectors, wherever possible, we preferably use Autosport or MIL components from Deutsch, Amphenol, ITT-Cannon or Souriau. For all used harness components we can give full prove of manufacturers specifications.

More then ten years of experience in wiring loom building stands for our quality workmanship: Even our earliest build harnesses are still in operation at some customers race cars, even at high motorsport strains. Today, continuous development of technology and working methods enables us to satisfy racing customers requirements from club sports
to Formula 1.

Installation, Initial Operation and Documentation

Each single cable harness is completely tested and documented prior to delivery. For motorsport customers, installation and in-car startup are the usual final steps of a wiring project. Where necessary and wanted, we offer a full setup and in-system calibration of sensors and electronic modules. We show you every feature and function of your electric system and explain schematics and provided documents.

Even if we spend higher efforts for your projects than some other loom manufacturers tend to do - you benefit from the investment in reliability and high technical standards of our products and services. Need something new? Simply ask.

motor wiring loom for Cosworth DFR V8