Test Adaptors, Breakout Boxes and Instrument Cables

Breakout boxes (BOB) are used to split electric circuits between a control unit or a data logger and the connected cable harness with its sensors, actuators etc. The BOB enables meausuring, control and patching of single wires inside an electrical system while normal operation, without interrupting of connectors or intersecting the wiring loom itself. They are an important tool for test bed engineering or at fault finding in complex electrical wirings and installations.

  • breakout boxes, test panels, patch boards
  • bespoken spiral cables / coiled cables
  • CAN bus adaptor and monitoring cables
  • twisted pair and shielded instrument wires
  • thermo couple wires / compensation cables
  • special control cables for manufacturing machines
  • industrial looms e.g. with Neutrik, CPC or Bulgin connectors
  • M8 and M12 sensor and data looms

Aamgard Engineering builds breakout boxes, instrumentation and adapter cables as one-offs or batch. Technically, we assemble all common motorsport, lab and industrial connectors and cable systems. We would be pleased to give advise for choosing the right adapter or wiring set for your application.

breakout box / test box with Deutsch connector

CAN bus adapter cable

universal test adapter / breakout boxes for Deutsch ASL connectors

USB data cable with VW connector and Deutsch Autosport plug

shielded Y adapter cable with Lemo and SubD connector

breakout box for Lamborghini / Audi ABS system